Major upgrade dramas!


So I’m due to get my upgrade on 6th August, which is not far away at all. I have had an iPhone all my life really and currently have the 5 which was from a 2 year contract. I am kind of getting fed up with an iPhone as it has caused me so many problems, but then I don’t know if I could have android!

I will totally hold my hands up and admit I am the most indecisive person in the world… But I am seriously struggling with this one! And two years is such a long time to be with a phone you hate!

So my options are:
1. Stick with the iPhone and wait for the iPhone 6.

2. Go for the option of the samsung s5 which I currently have my eye on.

3. Be a daredevil and consider the HTC m8 just because it looks absolutely gorgeous and is supposed to be the phone of the year!

Any comments I will be totally grateful for! I need help!

Peace and Love


Sunday decisions!



So, today is Sunday as we all know (the day we all dread with the thought of work tomorrow). Sundays I usually have a little pamper day with face masks, hair treatments and a fresh new nail colour ready for the week ahead.. Although today I really couldn’t pick a nail colour at all as I picked 4 colours that I absolutely love, god it’s hard being a girl sometimes!!

Peace & Love

Quote loving!




So for my first proper post – browsing through my Facebook feed and came across these two quotes which I thought could not have been worded any better! There’s always a moment were we are hoping and wishing for something to happen and never taking life for the moment that were actually in, we shouldn’t be wishing away life but embracing it – never be scared to grab an opportunity as it may only come around once xo

Peace & Love